Monday, July 29, 2013

ERT employees and people in solidarity are held by Police after a peaceful demonstration (post updated)

A protest was held earlier tonight at the Transmitter of ERT on Hymettus mountain, by employees of ERT and supporters. The signal of ERT emitted on the analogue frequency 21 all over Attica and extended to nearby areas.

Update of 9.50pm An intervention of the special unit of police MAT, and arrests of protesters a few minutes ago on Hymettus.

Update of 11.00pm: 8 people arrested among them 2 ERT employees, after the police intervention to stop their protest on Hymettus. They were driven handcuffed to the 6th floor of the Police Headquarters of Athens GADA.

Update of 11.30: Dozens of ERT employees and people are gathered outside the police Headquarters in solidarity with the arrested. The representative of the employees of Greek Radio, and the president of POESY Mr, G. Savvides, are inside the police headquarters trying to negotiate the release of the arrested.

Update of 03:50 Following a law suit by Gikas Manalis, "against unknown people" the 8 arrested (among them the Greek journalist and ERT employee Eva Mavrogenis) were charged with 4 different charges including "Resisting Arrest". They are expected to be in Court tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. after spending the night in prison.

There is a solidarity call for the same time in Evelpidon Court of Law.

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